First ever moulded samples have arrived!

They have arrived - and they are beautiful! (well, dodgy Man City blue sample colour aside). We've tested both types of stud-key and they work perfectly - phew. So here's what happens next. We give the go-ahead for the tooling to be shipped from China - this takes about 2 weeks. The tool arrives at our manufacturer in the UK and we run a few more tests. In the meantime we decide on our two colours and order the material in those pantone colours (spoiler alert - neon yellow is running away with it so far, closely followed by black). So, all being well, we'll be ready to start production at the end of the month with view to shipping to our backers in early February! Wow - pinch me someone! 

Thank you again to all our Kickstaerter backers for helping us make this happen - we couldn't have done it without your support.

Cary and the Bootclaw team